Dr. Oscar Quevedo-Teruel

Full Professor

Electromagnetic Engineering and Fusion Science (EMF)

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Facilities at my group:

I am the responsible of two labs: Antenna and Microwave Laboratories

Antenna Laboratory:

The antenna lab is an anechoic chamber. In this chamber, there are not electromagnetic reflections (or echos), so the radiation pattern and gain of these antennas can be measured.

In this chamber, we can measure antennas from 2GHz-70GHz. The chamber has been constructed by Asysol.

Additionally to the conventional far-field measurements, our chamber is equipped with a spherical near-field scanner, so we can meake near-field measurements and calculating the far-field afterwards.

Microwave Laboratory:

In this laboratory, we can characterize microwave components. Some key instruments in the lab are: signal generators, spectrum analyzers, a near-field scanner, and two 70-GHz vector network analyzers.

  • Near-field scanner (1 GHz - 6 GHz): In our lab, we have a near-field scanner (EMSCAN) which can develop real time radiation patterns (linear and circular polarization) from 1 GHz up to 6 GHz.

  • VNAs (up to 70GHz): In our group, we have a two-port Anritsu VNA (MS4640B Series), and a two-port R&S VNA (ZNA-67) which are able to measure S-parameters from 70 kHz up to 70 GHz, including time-domain functionalities, like time-gating.

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